Restaurant Operators Collect 10 Times More Customer Feedback with E la Carte’s Presto™ System in Real-Time

Delivers robust data so operators can optimize menus, adjust table
stations, and incentivize top performing staff

la Carte
, Inc., creators of the Presto™ Smart Dining System™ for
full-service restaurants, today announced that its restaurant partners
can now leverage contextual guest feedback data from the Presto System
to help optimize their business operations, with operators already
recognizing more than 10 times higher response rates compared to
traditional survey methods. Between rising labor costs, high employee
turnover rates, and increasing demands to provide a high quality
customer dining experience, the casual-dining restaurant industry is
undergoing a massive transformation and must strive to keep pace with
the changing landscape. The Presto System’s guest feedback capability
unlocks high quality responses at much higher rates than traditional
guest feedback tools, enabling operators to make smarter, data-driven
decisions to boost efficiencies and enhance the guest dining experience.

According to a recent poll by TDn2K,
75 percent of restaurant operators indicate that filling open job
positions with talented staff is a big concern. Additionally, turnover
rates are an increasing issue for many operators as they lose their top
talent and are challenged to find replacements. A recent study by the Bureau
of Labor Statistics
found that the “Turnover rate in 2015 for the
economy’s hospitality segment rose to 72.1 percent, up from 66.7 percent
in 2014.” The Presto System guest feedback capability enables restaurant
operators to identify and reward their top waitstaff, helping boost
retention rates and lowering turnover.

“The Presto System is the best tool to unlock vast amounts of high
quality operational data, helping restaurant operators obtain a full
picture on their business and excel in today’s competitive landscape,”
said Dr. Ben Curry, PhD, chief data scientist at E la Carte. “Using our
real time survey capability, where surveys are taken directly at the
table right after guest payment, we deliver actionable data to operators
on a daily basis. Our ability to provide comprehensive insights allows
operators to fill the gap between staff performance and the guest
experience, and ultimately reward top performing waitstaff and kitchen

Feedback from guests is a valuable way to gain useful insight on
restaurant performance, but many operators have been unable to
successfully capture meaningful data by using surveys on the back of
printed receipts. Furthermore, less than one percent of surveys from
paper receipts are completed. With the Presto System more than 25
percent of guests complete all or part of the survey. The real-time
nature of the survey increases the relevance of the data and reduces the
risk of fraud. In return, restaurant owners are able to link data
directly to servers and track their overall tip average, and check size

These surveys allow operators to identify their top performing servers
and reward them with better shifts and more hours, resulting in higher
tips and other performance incentives. Operators are also able to
identify servers who may be falling behind and can look for training
opportunities. The Presto System’s intelligent survey capabilities are
able to hone in on specific information that a paper survey cannot
provide. For example, using the “contextual survey question feature,”
operators can quickly evaluate new menu items or day-part offers and
adjust quickly to customer feedback. In today’s digital age, consumers
expect more control and restaurant owners want to get a better handle on
their business to set it up for success by leveraging data and analytics.

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About E la Carte and the Presto™ Smart Dining System™

E la Carte, developers of the Presto™ Smart Dining System™, leads the
table-top dining revolution with its guest-facing, pay-at-the-table,
e-commerce system. Installed in more than 1,800 restaurants across the
nation, the Presto System enables restaurant guests to take greater
control over their dining experience by allowing them to order from a
full menu, play exciting interactive games, and pay their bill directly
from the table. The Presto System also provides operational and
financial benefits to restaurant operators which drives increased
profitability, and unlocks restaurant data that was previously
inaccessible, enabling smarter decisions around guest satisfaction. It
includes on-the-tablet entertainment content from several other
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