Roommate Realities: Having One Can Save You More Money Than You Might Think

New survey from Progressive uncovers the truth behind why people
live together, the potential savings available and roommates’ most
common guilty habits

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Most people have a nightmare story or two about a roommate – so why do
we share our personal space with someone else? When asked in a recent
survey conducted by The Progressive® Group
of Insurance Companies1, the majority (58%) of roommates said
their choice was driven by finances and conveniences, noting both have
an equal role in the decision.

With nearly half of U.S. Millennials in 2015 living with someone else
other than a spouse2, having a roommate is not out of the
ordinary. And while not all roommates are married, that doesn’t mean
they don’t merge finances. According to the survey, the most commonly
shared expenses among roommates today include food and beverage (64%),
rent (60%), cleaning supplies (58%) and utilities (56%). Despite this
significant number of shared expenses, the survey found that car
insurance is largely (66%) handled independently by roommates. For many,
that could be a mistake and result in them leaving big savings on the

“When it comes to living with a roommate, we want people to understand
they don’t have to share a last name in order to share insurance. This
survey showed us people are open to sharing finances, so why not have a
conversation about insurance as they would any other big purchase? There
is a strong chance they could save some money by taking advantage of
discounts or combining their insurance expenses, just as they would with
rent or cable,” said Tricia Griffith, personal lines chief operating
officer for Progressive Insurance.

Progressive offers a multi-car
for anyone living together under one roof,
regardless of relationship, that is automatically applied to an auto
policy that has more than one vehicle listed.
Multiple cars can be
added to one policy and, on average, results in a ten percent discount.

“Progressive has the unique opportunity to play a role in some of the
most important moments in our customers’ lives, whether it’s buying
their first car, moving into a new home or getting married,” continued
Griffith. “As we work to help them gain a better understanding of their
insurance needs throughout these milestones, we have created resources,
like the Live
It Up
guide, which provide tips and advice for people currently
living with a roommate.”

He Said, She Said – Roommate Battle of the Sexes

While the survey found honesty rules in a number of roommate
relationships (47% say they would never lie to their roommate), there’s
still a little devil in all of us and each sex has their fair share of
guilty habits. Of note:

  • Males are more likely (35%) than females (25%) to have lied to their
    current roommate
  • Females (28%) are more likely than males (21%) to have snooped on
    their roommate

Roommate Arrogance

Regardless of relationship status, the survey also found roommates today
tend to think they are the better roommate when it comes to several

  • 70 percent think they are a better driver
  • 78 percent feel they are more trustworthy
  • 73 percent believe they are more financially responsible

Real Roomie Tips & Testimonials

Videos documenting stories, humor and advice from real roommates across
the country and tips on surviving life with a roommate can be found at
Find more information about the Progressive multi-car discount at
or through a local
Progressive agent.
For roommates that are renters, Progressive
encourages considering a renter’s
policy. To learn more about the options to protect your
apartment or home rental, visit:

1Survey Methodology: Results based on online
survey conducted August 19-29, 2015 among 1,000 non-Progressive
customers, 18-34, who live with a roommate.
2 Pew
Research, More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job
Market, July 29, 2015

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