Starting the School Year Off With a Check-Up Makes a Big Difference, Says Californians for Patient Care

As California’s students prepare to head back to school, independent

patient-advocacy group Californians for Patient Care reminds parents

they can help their kids start the year off right by getting an annual

health check-up.

“With the new school year fast approaching, we want to remind parents

that good health can make all the difference in a child’s school year.

Missing even a few days of school each year due to preventable illness

can put kids – and parents who have to miss work to stay home with them

– at a disadvantage,” says Carmella Gutierrez, president of Californians

for Patient Care.

“The organization reminds families without adequate health insurance and

who might be concerned about the affordability of preventive care, that

there are many facilities throughout the state offering health services

at little or no cost which can help their kids get and stay healthy.

Those of us at Californians for Patient Care can help you find the care

you need, when you need it,” Gutierrez adds.

People can access this network of low-cost and no-cost healthcare

providers, services and programs by clicking on the blue button at

or by visiting

After typing in basic search information, Californians can find a

comprehensive list of local healthcare facilities that provide primary

care, dental, mental health and vision services to people with minimal

or no health insurance. Along with information on local healthcare

service providers, Californians for Patient Care also provides

information on chronic disease management, how to shop for health

insurance, information on new research studies and links to helpful

organizations and websites.

“Kids in California are facing all kinds of health challenges, including

teen obesity and high asthma rates,” said Gutierrez. “Our kids deserve

the best possible circumstances in which to thrive and it all starts

with good physical and mental health.”

Californians for Patient Care is a nonprofit organization based in

Sacramento dedicated to protecting the interests of patients and

ensuring all California consumers have fair and equitable access to

high-quality healthcare. For more information, visit