Survey Says: Moms Want 24/7 Access to Physicians

Findings underscore need for telemedicine tools such as LiveHealth®
Online offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Anthem–The results of a new “Moms and Health Technology Survey” found that moms
are constantly looking for better and easier ways to manage their
family’s health, with all agreeing (100 percent) that having round the
clock access to a doctor would be helpful.

Additionally, 71 percent of moms surveyed reported losing more than two
hours from the work/school day due to taking their child for a doctor
visit, underscoring the critical need and importance of more convenient
access to healthcare.

The survey was released by LiveHealth®
, an online resource that provides 24/7 access to
board-certified doctors who are accessible via video chat on
smartphones, tablets or PCs. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers
coverage for online visits to many of its health plan members when
patients see doctors using LiveHealth Online.

“Mobile technology is evolving and providing moms with new tools that
help manage, track and access health information,” said Paul Nobile,
president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin. “With
LiveHealth Online, a doctor visit is never more than a few clicks or
taps away.”

The “Moms and Health Technology Survey” was conducted by EmpowHER®,
an online health community for women. The survey consisted of responses
from more than 500 moms regarding their use of health technology tools,
apps and trackers to understand their current habits and anticipated

Key Survey Findings:

  • 82 percent of moms surveyed say they are the most “health tech-savvy”
    in their family.
  • 64 percent of moms surveyed say that having access to healthcare
    on-demand is more important than having streaming video or food
  • 64 percent of women surveyed said they find it challenging to take
    their kids to the doctor during office hours during the school year.
  • 79 percent of moms surveyed say they’re interested in trying or
    learning more about telemedicine to help themselves and/or their
    family when faced with a non-emergency medical issue.
  • Over half of moms surveyed (54 percent) said online video visits with
    a doctor would make them more confident that they can attend to their
    family’s health or would be like having a health security blanket.
  • In addition, health technology tools are giving moms hope for the
    future with 61 percent of those surveyed agreeing that health
    technology innovations will lead to better overall health for their

“The results of this survey, plus the growing utilization of technology,
reveal the importance of health related tools for women and emphasize
this increased need for healthcare to become more convenient when they
are unable to reach their doctor’s office, especially with an
anticipated shortage of primary care doctors, crowded ERs and continued
rising costs,” said John Jesser, president of LiveHealth Online.
“Moms in particular are benefitting from the merger of technology and
health and using tools such as LiveHealth Online because it allows them
to get better access to doctors, be more efficient with time and keep
their families and themselves healthy.”

To learn more about the survey, visit,
and to learn more about LiveHealth Online, visit

Research methodology: The “Moms and Health Technology” ”
survey was fielded online at (via Survey Monkey) from July
25—August 12, 2016. The sample is comprised of 527 U.S. women aged 18-59
years with children.

About LiveHealth® Online

LiveHealth® Online is a mobile app and website that provides
consumers with a convenient way to have a live video conversation with a
doctor, get a diagnosis and receive treatment if needed for common
urgent care-type health conditions. Consumers can access U.S.-based
board certified doctors through or on an iOS or
Android smartphone or tablet using the free app. The cost of an online
visit using LiveHealth Online is $49 or less depending on whether
insurance coverage is available for the visit. Online therapy visits
with a licensed therapist or psychologist via LiveHealth Online are
available in all 50 states, plus DC. In addition, Cuidado Medico,
provides Spanish-speaking consumers the option of using LiveHealth
Online to see physicians who speak Spanish and is currently available in
California and Nevada. LiveHealth Online is secure, private, easy-to-use
and affordable. LiveHealth® Online is the trade name of
Health Management Corporation, a separate company that provides
telehealth services.

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