Texas Trees Foundation Wraps up Another Year of Success

With 2012 in the books, another 14,616 trees are in the ground, thanks to the Texas Trees Foundation, a Dallas-based nonprofit dedicated to creating healthy communities through tree planting, education, outreach and policy. The foundation, its volunteers, donors and corporate partners continue to build and sustain the area’s “urban forest.”

The value of the 14,616 trees in benefits over the next 40 years is about $5.8 million, not to mention the beauty and sense of community they provide to neighborhoods across the region.

“The vision of the Texas Trees Foundation is a community of beautiful parks, shaded trails, tree-lined streets and other outdoor amenities that provide a healthy living and working environment,” said Janette Monear, executive director of the Texas Trees Foundation. “Our organization, like the trees we plant, continues to expand the roots of its support and spread benefits to neighborhoods and communities.”

In addition to planting 14,616 trees in 2012, the foundation:

  • Worked with 3,341 volunteers, who provided an in-kind value of $218,401
  • Launched the Roadmap to Planning & Planting Trees, Dallas GIS mapping technology showing more than 1.8 million available tree-planting sites in the City of Dallas
  • Improved promotion and infrastructure for the Tree North Texas forestry initiative, with a goal of planting 3 million trees in the next 10 years, supported by more than 45 mayors
  • Implemented 40 projects, in partnership with corporations, cities, school districts, agencies and organizations
  • Served 25 municipalities, home owner associations and schools
  • Created the ReLeaf program, in response to the tornadoes in Lancaster and Forney
  • Distributed 10,268 seedlings

Corporate Partners

The past year also marked the continued success of Committed to Community Growth, a signature partnership between the Texas Trees Foundation and TXU Energy. Launched in 2002, Committed to Community Growth provides trees statewide to neighborhood associations, schools, nonprofits and municipalities to improve and beautify local public spaces. Through this program, TXU Energy supports and assists in the maintenance of the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm, the nation’s largest nonprofit urban tree farm.

In 2012, TXU Energy helped put 1,146 trees in the ground and provided an additional 5,728 tree liners. Since its inception, the partnership has provided 180,589 trees. In addition, TXU Energy and the Texas Trees Foundation won the 2012 Excellence in Partnership Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

About Texas Trees Foundation

The Texas Trees Foundation has a vision for our community. It is a community comprised of beautiful, well maintained parks, shady tree-lined streets and boulevards, hiking, biking and nature trails, and other outdoor amenities which combine to form a living and working environment that enhances the economic value of its commercial areas and its neighborhoods, and nurtures the health, safety and quality of life of all its citizens; a community in which its citizens actively participate in building and sustaining its “urban forest.” The Foundation will serve as a catalyst in creating such a community. Visit texastrees.org for more information.

About TXU Energy

TXU Energy is a market-leading competitive retail electricity provider, powering the lives of more Texans than any other retailer. TXU Energy offers a variety of innovative products and solutions, allowing both its residential and business customers to choose options that best meet their needs, including exceptional customer service, competitively priced electricity service plans, innovative energy efficiency options, renewable energy programs and other electricity-related products and services. Visit txu.com for more information about TXU Energy. REP #10004.