Tips for a Safe and Healthy Summer from Californians for Patient Care

For families across the state, summer is a time for family vacations,

days in or on the water and food from the grill. It is also a time to

remain vigilant about personal health and safety. Californians for

Patient Care, an independent nonprofit focused on patient advocacy,

encourages all Californians to kick off the summer season by embracing a

few important safety and health tips.

“We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and avoid

any unnecessary trips to the emergency room,” said Carmella Gutierrez,

president of Californians for Patient Care. “By keeping basic preventive

measures top of mind, you and your family can enhance your summer fun.”

For example, the nonprofit advises reapplying sunscreen often to help

prevent deadly skin cancer; and learning how to perform CPR and the

Heimlich Maneuver could save someone’s life. Californians for Patient

Care also encourages simple and common sense steps such as covering your

mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze or washing your hands

frequently can help an entire household stay healthy. Also in the summer

heat, drink lots of fluids, check your area’s air quality to make sure

that it’s safe to play outdoors, and keep a close eye on children

playing near water. (A full list of summer health and safety tips can

be found here).

In addition to these reminders, Californians for Patient Care’s website

contains valuable information on all of California’s no-cost and

low-cost healthcare facilities through its free online guide

MyHealthResource (MHR).

People can access MHR, the state’s most comprehensive online guide of

affordable resources by clicking on the blue button “Find Low or No Cost

Services” at

After typing in basic search information such as city or county and

category of resource, Californians can find a comprehensive list of

local healthcare providers that provide primary, dental and mental

healthcare services to the uninsured and underinsured. The website is

also available in Spanish.

Along with information on local healthcare service providers,

Californians for Patient Care also provides information on patient

rights, chronic disease management, how to shop for health insurance,

information on new research studies and links to helpful organizations

and websites.

Californians for Patient Care is a nonprofit organization based in

Sacramento dedicated to protecting the interests of patients and

ensuring all California consumers have fair and equitable access to high

quality healthcare. For more information, visit