To Ensure Quality of Life: Give Health

Many have chosen to come to the United States to work or continue with their careers. But change is bittersweet. While those who immigrate enjoy their work and its benefits, they always miss and care about the welfare of their families.

There are approximately 52 million Latin Americans, including 600,000 Peruvians, living in the United States. Concern for their parents, siblings and family who remained in their country of origin is evident. This is reflected in the large amounts of money, about $2.7 billion a year*, sent back to the country by Peruvians living abroad. Still, there is the problem of ensuring that the money sent is used to promote wellness and a better quality of life. Many families still need help getting proper medical care, especially preventive care.

To that end, the Complejo Hospitalario San Pablo launched an option on May 1, 2013, allowing Peruvians who live abroad to purchase health insurance plans for family members residing in Peru, paying directly from the U.S. via the Internet. Thus, remittances go directly to cover a basic need – the health of their families.

The family health plan offered by the Complejo Hospitalario San Pablo has existed in Peru for several years. It provides comprehensive coverage including hospitalization, surgery, maternity, oncology, tests and medicines, among other benefits. Any person under age 66 can enroll. Participants have access to any of its nine clinics and receive the best care with the most advanced medical technology in the country. The plan provides different coverage options and even covers emergency care abroad.

The possibility of acquiring a Family Medical Insurance plan from abroad is focused on bringing peace of mind to families living abroad.

Complejo Hospitalario San Pablo is the largest network of private clinics in Peru, working with more than 2,800 employees and 1,300 medical specialists among its nine Clinics and Centers of Excellence.

For more information, call from the United States at no charge to 1-866-2213744 or visit

* Source: Banco Central de Reserva del Peru – BCR