Tomlyn Veterinarian Provides Insight on Osteoarthritis

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With fall approaching, it is important to be aware of conditions that
affect joints in pets, cooler weather being one of them. Reports
indicate approximately twenty percent of dogs over one year of age
suffer from osteoarthritis and up to 90 percent of cats 12 years and
older may have radiographic evidence of disease.

Tomlyn veterinarian, Dr. Jim Lowe, offers insight to the signs,
treatment and tips for a pet with osteoarthritis.

Predisposing factors for osteoarthritis include obesity, larger breed
pets, and previous musculoskeletal trauma. Warning signs of
osteoarthritis include exercise intolerance and decreased appetite.
While there is no way to prevent osteoarthritis, proper diet with an
emphasis on weight control, frequent, controlled exercise, and joint
supplements may slow progression of the disease.

Using ramps instead of stairs and placing food and water bowls close to
where the pet spends most of its time are ways to accommodate a pet with
osteoarthritis. It’s also important to block off staircases to limit
attempts of traveling up and down stairs.

Pet parents often struggle to get large non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs (NSAIDs) into their pet’s mouth. With osteoarthritis, pets have to
take medicine one to two times per day, making this struggle a
stressful, but necessary, one. Dr. Lowe points out that osteoarthritis
can occur in any age or breed and requires life-long administration of
medicine, along with additional therapeutic support.

To ease this process, Tomlyn’s has developed their Pill-Masker for Dogs
and Cats, which comes in two versions: one of which is wheat-free. This
alternative to pill pockets is a bacon-flavored paste that fits all pill
shapes and sizes, doesn’t dry out and won’t stick to floors or furniture.

“The wheat, corn, and BHA-free presentation meets the needs of the
consumer with pets requiring special dietary attention,” said Dr. Lowe.
“So often the pet owner fails to recognize that when administering
medications to such animals that wrapping in cheese or a hot dog to mask
the pill can affect the animal.”

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