U-CAN Creates Heartwarming Video Depicting Cats Using U-CAN Correspondence Course Materials

Heartwarming video of an elderly widow living alone deep in the
mountains with her two cats

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CatsLearning–U-CAN releases an online fictional video entitled “Cats
” for view over YouTube that depicts an elderly widow
and her two cats living deep in the forest of Nagano Prefecture. The
video is designed to demonstrate the highly effective correspondence
course materials created by U-CAN while at the same time touching the
hearts of viewers with a warm storyline.

Please watch the video at: https://youtu.be/R4c_jyTH1a4

The video depicts the two cats observing the widow in deep sorrow
looking at her husband’s picture and then suddenly picking up and begin
studying a fictional “U-nyan
(Meaning “U-Meow”) correspondence course for cats. “U-Meow” includes
text and DVD materials in cat paw language designed to teach them how to
“stand on their hind legs”, “shake their tails”, and “give massages”.
This scene raises the question why the cats are studying the “U-Meow”
correspondence course materials?

This question is answered when the cats take a surprising and
heartwarming behavior when they see once again the old lady crying with
her husband’s picture in her hands. Do watch the moving story of the
elderly widow and her two cats online.

“The true value of correspondence courses is their ability to provide
people with new knowledge and skills by enabling them to study at their
convenience wherever and whenever they like,” said Kentaro Kimura,
Executive Creative Director at Hakuhodo Kettle. “Based upon this
strength of U-CAN’s correspondence course business, we came up with the
story line of a lonely elderly widow living in the remote mountainous
region of Japan with her cats to demonstrate the ability of U-CAN’s
correspondence course to help cheer up the old lady saddened by the loss
of her husband.”

About U-CAN

creates various learning materials that make “studying fun” and
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culture and entertainment. Courses include 140 courses in various fields
including licenses, hobbies, education and others provided through
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U-CAN “Cats Learning” PR Office
Akemi Nio / Ikuko Ota,