What Every Candidate Should Know About Health Care

New Health Care Primer Offers Three Recommendations from the
Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP)

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#accountablecare–With thousands of political offices in contention during this year’s
election, health care remains one of the most complex and hotly debated
issues. To help focus these discussions, the Council
of Accountable Physician Practices
(CAPP) has produced a primer
detailing the three most critical health reform topics that every
candidate should understand in order to improve the medical care their
constituents receive.

“The combination of 21st century information technology, tools to
measure and improve quality and payment based on outcomes, not the
volume of services provided, create the optimal conditions for
physicians and their patients to work together to achieve and maintain
health,” said Robert Pearl, M.D., chairman of CAPP, a coalition of
America’s high-performing medical groups and health systems, and
executive director and CEO of The
Permanente Medical Group
and president and CEO of the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group
. “Regardless of the election results, the
health of our nation must be a top priority. By bringing these
healthcare issues into the political discourse, the leaders of CAPP
believe physicians across our nation can begin to embrace those
approaches that produce the highest quality and best health outcomes.”

The issues are outlined in the newly released CAPP Health Care Primer
for Candidates

  • Payment system reform to enable acceleration of the move towards
    value-based payment and away from the current volume-based
    fee-for-service model, aligning incentives to reward better patient
    outcomes, safety and efficiency.
  • Expanded use of health information technology so care providers always
    have the information they need to make the best care decisions.
  • Consistent and meaningful quality measurements to accurately identify
    high-performing medical groups and health systems.

A recent CAPP-sponsored Nielsen Strategic Health Perspectives survey of
over 30,000 Americans found that less than half are experiencing any
aspect of accountable care as measured by care coordination,
preventative care, 24/7 access to care, deployment of integrated
technology, and evidence-based treatments.

“It’s encouraging that we are making progress in providing a more
connected, coordinated care experience for patients that will also
improve quality and safety, but unfortunately the majority of patients
are still not enjoying these benefits,” noted Pearl. “That’s why we
created this Primer—to draw attention to the important issues that our
candidates must understand and act on to move us forward.”

Read the entire Primer here.

To find out how Americans are now receiving accountable health care,
read the Nielsen Strategic Health Perspectives survey sponsored by CAPP here.

To learn more about physician leadership in the work to achieve
accountable care, and to receive updates on key health care issues,
follow CAPP on Twitter at: @accountableDOCS

About the Council of Accountable Physician

The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), an affiliate of
the AMGA Foundation, is a coalition of visionary medical group and
health system leaders. We believe that physicians working together,
backed by integrated services, systems and data and technology, can
best shape and guide the way care is delivered so that the welfare of
the patient is always the primary focus. For more information, contact
CAPP at Accountablecaredoctors.org.


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