World’s First Complete and Engaging Education Gaming Platform to Improve Student Outcomes of K-12 Standardized Testing is Now Available; Three School Districts Have Adopted ThemePark from Cleverywhere

Kid-Inspired Role-Play Game Morphs Fun and Standardized Testing into an
“Anywhere on Any Device” Learning Experience

NEW YORK & SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CleverywhereCleverywhere,
offering kid-inspired role-play education gaming to improve testing
outcomes, today introduced ThemePark,
an interactive adventure game to challenge student academics while
improving standardized test scores with results increasing by as much as
20 percent. Three school districts — two in New Jersey and one in
California — have adopted ThemePark for their students and are actively
using the platform.

  • For students: ThemePark is a fun, pixel-style game that enables kids
    to create their own avatar to fight monsters, earn a pet mascot, and
    explore worlds. In the classroom, the students’ game success,
    collectively, helps to rebuild an old, dilapidated theme park to its
    original glory to win the game. Kids can enjoy ThemePark on any device
    and most platforms for “anywhere” play.
  • For teachers: ThemePark becomes a teaching partner to challenge
    students, in or outside the classroom, with standardized testing
    content. Teachers can access game analytics for each student or the
    entire class to help them pinpoint what content needs additional
    review. Parents can view their child’s progress as well.

The first game, ThemePark Vocabulary 4, is available today and is based
on the Common Core test for 4th grade. ThemePark can be
downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones as well as on pads and
notebooks. Teachers and students can download
a demo game
and use it for free through the end of this year.
Cleverywhere plans to rollout ThemePark Math in 2017.

“Teachers don’t have to remind the kids to play the game, they just do
it,” said Clancy Marshall, CEO of Cleverywhere. “In its most portable
form, a smartphone app, ThemePark crosses all education barriers giving
any student, anywhere access to a fun, yet educational game while
preparing for grade level testing.”

“The interface is engaging and the pixelated graphics are similar to
Minecraft which many kids enjoy,” said Shayna Sackett-Gable, Elementary
Teacher in New Jersey. “The leaderboard adds a level of competition that
this age group typically appreciates and the questions were generally
clear and appropriate.”

About Cleverywhere

Cleverywhere raises online interactive educational gaming to a new level
by bringing outcome-based learning to standardized assessment testing in
fun, adventure-style games. Students learn by playing and teachers can
track classroom and student progress through easy-to-use analytics. Cleverywhere
delivers mobile and desktop access for a play “anywhere” experience.
Headquartered in New York and Utah, Cleverywhere is founded by a team of
education and gaming technology experts with the vision to create
compelling interactive games to help students learn, overcome
challenges, and improve their performance, all while having fun.


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