Founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, Launches Industrial-Grade Virtual Reality Platform Built For Business – Modal VR™

New VR Platform Inspires Revolutionary Ways to Visualize, Play,
Train, Create and Collaborate

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Modal VR™, an industrial-grade virtual reality immersion platform built
for business launched today. Founded by Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari
and Chuck E. Cheese, and Jason Crawford, inventor and CEO, Modal VR is
poised to significantly impact enterprise adoption of virtual reality by
offering a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution based on
new immersion technology.

The Modal VR platform combines a radically different hardware system and
suite of complimentary software applications to deliver an unprecedented
VR ecosystem for enterprise. Modal VR’s portable hardware sets up in
minutes and provides a completely wireless VR experience featuring fast
and accurate full-body tracking for multiple users at once in small or
large areas up to 900,000 square feet. Modal VR system owners can easily
download and install Modal VR applications, giving way to unlimited
possibilities across a myriad of industries. Examples include:

  • Themed Entertainment: Interactive attractions and previsualization
  • Marketing: Experiential activations and social content creation
  • Arcades: Large-scale VR experiences including next-gen laser tag
  • Entertainment: eSports leagues and mixed reality content
  • Real Estate: Previsualization and sales
  • Film & TV: Previsualization of sets, stunts and visual effects
  • Law Enforcement: Training
  • Emergency Response: Training
  • Military & Space: Training and operations design
  • Education: Virtual field trips and deep immersion learning
  • Sports: Real-time game play simulation and analysis
  • Museums: Immersive exhibits and virtual walk-throughs
  • Municipalities: Urban planning previsualization
  • Travel: Virtual destination sampling

Modal VR was born from an independent software studio, so the founders
understand the business challenges of most software developers. As a
result, the company plans to place Modal VR Developer Editions directly
in the hands of developers, providing the community with countless new
opportunities for creating amazing experiences and generating revenue in
a new way.

“Our team is looking forward to being an active contributor and
collaborator within the VR community. We hope Modal VR will help expand
our understanding of what is possible and help push the industry forward
in different ways,” said Jason Crawford, inventor and founder of Modal

“Modal VR is helping enterprises solve problems and collaborate
differently,” said Nolan Bushnell, co-founder and chairman, Modal VR.
“Modal VR’s system and the software that runs on it makes it very
different than what’s already on the market today.”

“We have been working to bring ambitious mixed reality content to our
fans and Modal VR is well beyond the limitations we thought possible,”
said Shaun Novak, senior director of production at Machinima.“The
wireless portability, full-body tracking and massive play area really
allows for compelling experience in and out of the headset. Modal VR has
been a great partner in showing the fun of VR.”

For more information, to sign up for the developer program, or to
inquire about business opportunities, please visit

About Modal Systems, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Modal Systems, Inc. was created by
founders Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, and Etak)
and Jason Crawford (founder of Tiny Castle Studios). Modal Systems, Inc.
developed Modal VR™, a virtual reality platform built for enterprise,
that delivers unprecedented freedom and unlimited possibilities.

“Modal VR,” “Mythic Combat,” and “VR Fabricator” are trademarks of Modal
Systems, Inc. “Industrial-grade Immersion” is a service mark of Modal
Systems, Inc.


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