GMP & Yeloha Announce Solar Sharing Partnership, First of Its Kind with a Utility

Innovative Sharing Economy Initiative Makes Rooftop Solar Available
through Collaboration between Residents

COLCHESTER, Vt.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Mountain Power (GMP),
the first utility to become a B-Corp, and Yeloha,
a peer-to-peer Solar Sharing Network, are excited to announce a
groundbreaking partnership with a mission to unlock the benefits of
solar energy for everyone – by sharing it.

“This partnership marks the first utility-adopted Sharing Economy
platform to offer its customers the opportunity to generate their own
energy and share it with other residents online. The initiative
represents a beacon of change for energy nationwide,” states Amit
Rosner, Co-Founder and CEO, of Yeloha.

Yeloha and GMP will make it possible for individuals who don’t have a
roof suited for solar to subscribe online to power produced by other
homeowners and businesses, essentially going solar on someone else’s
roof. Those who do own suitable roofs will be offered to host the panels
free of charge in exchange for sharing some of their solar power.

“This is a unique opportunity to empower more people to be able to
harness the power of the sun,” said GMP President and CEO Mary Powell.
“We see a tremendous opportunity in leveraging more rooftops around
Vermont for the benefit of all those who may currently be renters, or
own homes that are not well suited for solar. As Vermont’s energy
company of the future, we are transforming the old grid system into one
where power is generated and consumed closer to the home or community
where it is needed. This partnership with Yeloha will help accelerate
this revolution in distributed power,” added Powell.

The Sharing Economy, which has impacted all areas of our lives from
transportation to accommodation, is about to revolutionize solar energy
by providing simple accessibility through collaboration between
individuals, made possible by Yeloha’s technology platform.

“We are pleased to join forces with Green Mountain Power, a
forward-thinking energy provider, as our first utility partner,” said
Amit Rosner, Co-Founder and CEO, Yeloha. “Working together, we have the
unique opportunity to democratize access to clean energy; literally
bringing power to the people, by the people,” added Rosner.

Yeloha is an online platform with a mission to make solar accessible to
everyone, including those who don’t own a roof suitable for solar, such
as renters and apartment dwellers, or those who can’t afford the panels
by going solar on someone else’s roof.
It is often referred to as
the “Airbnb of Solar” because it lets people put their unused roofs to
work, benefiting themselves and others. Joining is simple, and the
online subscription takes a few minutes.

The partnership will start as a pilot in Rutland and Barre Vermont,
where it will both open up exciting options for homeowners to save money
while living sustainably, and also create opportunities for local solar
developers and installers who will deploy the installations.

“We are thrilled to have this new option for our residents who rent or
live where solar isn’t possible,” said Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon.
“Bringing the value and benefits of solar to more Vermonters is a great
step forward and will help economically here and across the state,” he

“Solar energy is boosting the economy and programs like this will
provide more local jobs,” said Nik Ponzio, Co-Founder of Building
Energy, a Vermont solar installation company.

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