GoSend launches to make U.S. bargains more accessible for UK online shoppers

Savings of up to 80% on delivery finally make it affordable to buy
goods from the States

a new international shopping and shipping service, has launched today in
the UK, allowing consumers to buy products from online U.S. retailers
more easily and affordably than ever before. Savvy shoppers can also
save as much as 80% on shipping fees meaning they no longer have to hit
‘abandon cart’ when astronomical delivery fees are revealed at checkout.

By registering with GoSend, users are given a GoSend Locker with a U.S.
address, in Delaware, one of five tax-free states in the U.S. Members
can then shop to their heart’s delight with any online retailer, and
simply enter this address when checking out to avoid sky-high
international shipping charges.

GoSend then either ships straight to the customer’s UK address or stores
items in the member’s GoSend Locker allowing them to continue shopping
and then ship multiple items as one package, saving even more money on
delivery costs. The GoSend team has over 25 years of experience in the
logistics business, and has secured unique bulk rates with top carriers
including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL Worldwide. GoSend offers shipping
rates less than most retailers and even greater savings when you
consolidate packages across multiple products.

GoSend’s new ShopAssist service is your own personal shopping concierge.
Shoppers can use ShopAssist service whenever they experience
difficulties with online retailers that do not accept foreign credit
cards or do not offer international shipping. Simply login and add your
products to your ShopAssist cart for GoSend to then purchase these items
on your behalf. GoSend also provides a search for the best price
available and will even pickup the items at local stores for you.

Members can choose from a basic free plan or monthly/annual ‘VIP’
package starting from £6 ($9 approx.) a month. GoSend members receive
greater discounts on shipping costs, package consolidation and
ShopAssist services. The savings on just one shipment make it worthwhile
as you are likely going to save enough to cover the cost of an annual

Rich Rodgers, CEO of GoSend said: “I built GoSend with one
purpose in mind and that is to break down the barriers for international
shoppers. Very few U.S. retailers offer international shipping and those
that do offer it at prices that make the purchase unrealistic and even
take advantage of the foreign consumer, which is just wrong. At GoSend,
we are creating an online shopping experience that matches the ease and
convenience of consumers buying from within their own country and opens
up a whole new world of choice to U.K. shoppers. Not only will you get
great prices but also selection and availability that cannot be found
elsewhere. I wanted to provide shoppers with better shipping rates that
does not take advantage of them and offer them over-the-top support”

For further information visit http://www.GoSend.com



About GoSend:

GoSend launched in 2015 and has the sole aim of simplifying the U.S.
shopping experience, no matter where you live in the world. Based in one
of five tax-free U.S. states, Delaware, GoSend is a unique subscription
service offering members a ‘virtual locker’, giving them a U.S. address
to reduce shipping fees from U.S. retailers and extend bulk discounts to
ship for less anywhere in the world.


Hannah Wright / Ella Delancey
Wildfire PR for GoSend
20 8408 8000