Grandparents Day Gift Allows Families to Spend Time Together Even When Apart

ustyme App Offers More “Us Time” With Five Free Illustrated
Children’s Books and Games

the creator of the first digital platform that enables people to share
activities, is offering a thoughtful gift to celebrate the National
Grandparents Day this Sunday – a greeting
for children to send to their grandparents. It is an invitation
to the free ustyme App and a secret code to unlock five exciting
children’s classic books and games to share.

ustyme combines a safe video call environment with screen sharing and a
vast catalog of HD illustrated children’s books and games for families
to read and play together. The Grandparents Day gift bundle includes the
Memory” game and four classic stories: Little Red Riding Hood,
Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The
Frog Prince

“Anyone, with family far away, knows how hard it is to keep children
focused on actually communicating with the person on the other side of
the screen. Sharing a story, reading books together, laughing at the
funny pictures, provides the connection kids and grandparents need to
stay close,” said Joe Salesky, CEO and Co-founder, ustyme, and a first
time grandparent.

“Our goal with ustyme was to provide activities and shared experiences
between visits, so grandparents can be the special someone who listens
and offers acceptance, passes down stories and encouragement,” added
Linda Salesky, Co-Founder, ustyme. “These are the gifts that mean the
world to a child.”

About ustyme, Inc.

ustyme is the first digital platform that enables people to share
activities—reading books, playing games and much more—while spending
time together side-by-side or in a real-time video experience. Available
for iPhone,
and web,
the ustyme App makes it easy to socialize in a video call and create
meaningful, deeper relationships through shared experiences of any type
of content, in any language, on virtually any device. The company was
founded by a team of family-first entrepreneurs with vast experiences in
digital technology and entertainment. ustyme is based in Sausalito,
California. For more information please visit

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