South Pacific Tuna Corp. and AFT Holdings, Inc. Donate Funds to Marshall Islands Food Bank

SAN DIEGO & MAJURO, Marshall Islands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–South Pacific Tuna Corporation along with affiliate and investor in the
Global Fleets, AFT Holdings, Inc., this week presented the newly
established RMI Community Food Bank in Majuro, Marshall Islands with a
US$10,000 donation to support its acquisition of an operations facility
and storefront. Securing the site is the final step needed in
establishing a food bank to support the women and children in of the
Majuro community.

U.S. fishing boat Captain Mike Baker, who is employed by the Global
Companies, which is managed by South Pacific Tuna Corp., founded the
volunteer-based RMI Community Food Bank to support the people he’s come
to commune with for seven years. During his time in the Marshall Islands
he realized families – mostly women and children – are without food
several days each month. The food bank will bridge the need providing
canned and freezer-packed tuna, dry goods, and eventually household
items and clothes.

“I’m thankful for the timeliness of South Pacific Tuna’s Corporation and
AFT Holdings’ contribution,” said Baker. “I believe this donation will
help us build credibility within the business community and among local
government officials. I am confident additional support will follow.”

A longtime champion of the Majuro community, South Pacific Tuna
Corporation CEO Max Chou and J. Douglas Hines, Executive Director of
SOPAC and CEO of AFT Holdings, Inc., knew they wanted to support Baker’s
campaign the moment they were aware of the food bank’s founding.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Hines. “We’re invested in the Marshall Islands
– in the people, the communities, the children and all the Pacific
Island Nations. Supporting the food bank is the important side of our
business; without these communities, we wouldn’t have as much success in
our daily operations.”

According to Baker, once the Majuro leaders approve the site location,
the food bank can be up and running within two weeks. He has obtained a
100-lb pressure cooker and canner to process the donated fish from the
vessels. There is also a filleting table, a vacuum packer, and a chest
freezer for preserving donated tuna. Community bins are already in key
locations around town for dry-good and household donations. Since it is
volunteer based, the facility will be open three days a week from 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m.

“As we know in the States, nutrition is the one of society’s most basic
and critical needs. Children who are hungry can’t learn,” said Baker.
“Majuro children are hungry and we can absolutely change that with the
support of business like South Pacific Tuna Corporation and AFT

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