Bumble Bee Announces Catch-to-Can Tracking Capability on Website

Seafood Traceability Allows Consumers to Track Tuna Products

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bumble Bee Seafoods, North America’s premium seafood company, has
launched a traceability feature on its website that enables consumers to
track the source of their tuna product from catch to can by entering a
code found on their can or pouch.

The traceability page, BumbleBee.com/TraceMyCatch,
will educate consumers on the path their tuna takes in order to get from
the ocean to their plate. Upon entering a code from the package, the
site will display information specific to the product including species,
fishing method, ocean of catch, vessel names and flags, fishing trip
dates and processing location.

“Transparency is increasingly important to consumers who want to know
where their food comes from and Bumble Bee is committed to meeting these
expectations,” said Chris Lischewski, Bumble Bee president and CEO. “We
have always had the ability to trace our products to their source and
this site brings that information direct to consumers.”

Consumers can visit BumbleBee.com/TraceMyCatch,
enter the production code found on the bottom of cans and back of
pouches, and view the results on Bumble Bee’s visual and interactive
site. For consumers without a current traceable code, sample codes are
provided for similar tuna products that allow visitors to interact with
the site and learn about the process.

“The tuna supply chain is expansive with data being collected from
nearly 600 vessels operating in four oceans across the globe,” said
Lischewski. “Given the complexity of the supply chain, the number of
facilities involved, the time required for materials to progress from
catch to finished product and the shelf-life of tuna, the online Trace
My Catch consumer feature captures data starting with tuna products
produced at the beginning of this year.”

Tracking information for Bumble Bee’s remaining product portfolio,
including salmon, sardines and specialty seafood items will be added
over the next few years. Visit BumbleBee.com
for more information.

About Bumble Bee Seafoods

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, headquartered in San Diego, is North America’s
largest branded shelf-stable seafood company, offering a full line of
canned and pouched tuna, salmon, sardine and specialty protein products
marketed in the U.S. under leading brands including Bumble Bee®,
Brunswick®, Snow’s®, Wild Selections®
and Beach Cliff®, and in Canada under the Clover Leaf® brand.
The company also produces premium fresh frozen seafood under the Bumble
Bee SuperFresh™ line. Bumble Bee SuperFresh™ seafood is cleaned, cut and
fresh frozen within hours, then chef prepared with high-quality all
natural ingredients.

Bumble Bee’s mission is to provide healthy and nutritious products and
meal solutions that are sourced sustainably. Bumble Bee is also a
founding member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation — a
first-of-kind initiative in the U.S. involving a coalition of retailers,
non-profit organizations and food and beverage manufacturers with a
mission to help reduce obesity, particularly childhood obesity. The
company actively promotes the responsible stewardship of global
fisheries resources and is a founding member of the International
Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) — a global partnership of
scientists, tuna processors and WWF, the global conservation

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