A quick guide to using Facebook

A quick guide to using Facebook
Whatever you are going to do, do it right

In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook.  10 years and 864 million daily active users later, it occurred to the social platform king to explain to us (the 864 million) how to use it in real situation. The results, if not deeply educational, is quite entertaining.

How to block someone on Facebook- In case you just went through a breakup

How to edit a post on Facebook- In case you’re a novelist who posted the tittle of your first novel and then realized you totally hate it.

How to share with just friends on Facebook– In case you decided to become a painter and are not sure you are ready to share your first masterpiece with the entire world.

How to untag a photo- In case you agree to help your roommate with her art project…That is until you saw the final pictures on Facebook.

Oh yeah, and for the “older” Facebook users who have not yet come to terms with the use of things such a video sharing and replacing words with emojis…Here’s a modern version of saying “I love you”.