Insider Scoop: The Truth About Jaw Reduction in Korean Plastic Surgery

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With millions of plastic surgery clinics who advertise THEY are the best
in Korea, it is close to impossible to find a decent clinic with a
“good” doctor who actually cares.

So, it is very easy for us marketers to candy-coat the existing surgical
techniques to give magical illusion of making it a whole new
revolutionary surgery method; One Day Jaw Reduction or Magic Jaw
Reduction, etc.

Is everyone suitable for 1 type of jaw reduction surgery? The answer is
no. Here is how we categorize it for easy understanding.

What is your type?

Problem: Chunky jaw with big muscles
Fix: Square jaw
reduction + botox
If you bite on your teeth and feel something
sticking out, you have muscle issues. It is safe to inject botox to
reduce the size of the developed muscles with jaw reduction.

Problem: Chubby jaw with fatty jowls
Fix: Square jaw
reduction + jawline liposuction
if you can grab the fat on your
jawline, you need to combine lipo with your jaw reduction to prevent
saggy fats after the facial contouring

Problem: Big jaw with weak chin
Fix: Square jaw reduction +
chin advancement via genioplasty or chin implant
To make the most
ideal side profile, your tip of the nose to lower lips to your chin
should be in a straight line. Depending on how weak your chin is, it can
be solved with your own bone or a simple implant.

Problem: Long jaw with Protruded mouth
Fix: Square jaw
reduction + Chin osteotomy + ASO
Not a lot of people must undergo
2-jaw surgery, but can be easily fixed with ASO with jaw + chin
osteotomy for more harmonized lower face.

We humans are different in every way, so doctors should really know how
to enhance our beauty with best of their abilities.

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